Hi!  We're the Krahn family!  There's "Cowboy Art", the "Corn Queen Camille" and our seven wonderful children.  We also have three sweet daughter-in-laws, two great son-in-laws and twenty-one adorable grandchildren.  With Art's parents, our sons, and now some of the grandchildren, we run a four generation, grain, and beef farm where 'God is served and life is good'.   For many years we had been hearing about corn mazes in farm magazines, but it wasn't until we took a family vacation and actually visited a corn maze, that the idea really grew.  We had already built a few straw bale mazes that our friends loved, so, we thought we'd give it a go!  Yes, we know it's a "corny" idea, but hey, we think you'll like it!

The Country Corn Maze is part of Green Pastures Dairy and Farm.