Our grandaughter loves the cornmaze!

There's lots to do at the Country Corn Maze! 
  • The Corn Maze! An eight acre maze that takes up to one hour to do. Maps are available.
  • Mini-Maze - A five minute maze for children with a special game just for them!
  • Octoball - A fun game for groups!
  • Covered Corn Pit! -Your little ones, and maybe you too, will like this!
  • Farm Ball - See just how good you are at throwing a ball!
  • Hayrides!  We will be having hayrides off and on throughout the time the maze is open.  Rides are FREE with admission and about 10 minutes long. On busy days we will be giving out tickets to take a hayride.
  • Loafing Shed and Grain Bin! Also known as the picnic shelters.  Available for reservation for groups with advance notice.
  • A Campfire!  It is so relaxing sitting by a campfire.  We will have one going but if you wish to have one for private use with a large group, please let us know in advance. 
  • Visit our Concession Stand!  There's a variety of snacks, hot dogs, chips, nachos, soft drinks, smores, candy and glow products available.
  • The "Ark"!  A place to visit farm animals that everyone loves.
  • The Bale Mountain!  Everyone loves to climb to the top of the mountain and see the view!
  • The Tire Dragon!  Children will love climbing on and through this behemoth!
  • Fort Cornstalk! A big fort with games in it!
  • "Moo, Guess Who" Game!
  • Treasure Dig! Like a giant sandbox with treasures to find!
  • Granary Gift Shop!
  • Farm style hockey! New for 2023
  • Battleship! New for 2023
  • And more!