How is the Maze is Made?

It all starts with planting the corn in two directions so the corn grows in a grid.  When the corn is about 6-10 inches tall, we go  through the corn and cut it by hand using our map of the field. 

How big is the maze and how long will it take me to get through it?

It's about eight acres!  There's about 2 1/2  miles of trails and can be walked through in about 20 - 60 minutes. Don't be in a hurry!  It might take you much longer! There are also hayrides, campfires, and a play area for children so give yourself time to relax and enjoy the country. We do have maps available for those that want the exercise more than the challenge.

What if I get lost?

You will get lost!  That's part of the fun.  But don't panic, there really is a way out and we encourage you to find it.   Each gamecard has a map on the back to use if needed.  If you can't find your way out, we'll find you when we harvest the corn!  Just kidding!  We'll have our "Corn Cops" walking through the corn to help people out if they need it!

What do we do in the maze?

Your main goal is to wander around the curves, paths, and dead ends until you find your way out!  We will have a game or two to play as you wander through the maze.  You win a small prize, for finishing the game.

Do I need to bring anything?

Nothing other than a desire for adventure!  We do have a list things you might want to know before entering the maze on our "FAQ's" page.

Are there any rules?

Yes!  In order for things to run smoothly and for this to be a family friendly activity, we do have rules.  You can find the list of them on the "FAQ's"  page.  We will be strict about the rules so that the maze property does not get damaged and no one gets hurt.

Is the maze for small children?

By all means, bring your children!  Children under 13 are required to go through the maze with an adult.  Very small children will get tired so you may want to bring a large wheel wagon or large wheel stroller to pull them.  A regular stroller will work if we haven't had a lot of rain. If you feel the maze is too long for your little ones, there is a mini cornmaze that takes about five to ten minutes to walk through and has a special game just for children.

Is there anyone who should not go through the maze?

If you are clausterphobic or panic easily you probably should not enter the maze.  Also if you are pregnant, or have some other health issue that would make it difficult to walk for 30 minutes to one hour, you may not want to enter the maze.  You enter at your own risk!  If you want a shorter maze experience, feel free to walk in a ways, look around, and come back out or walk through the children's maze.

What is the Nightime Maze all about?

Doing the maze during the day is a lot of fun, but going through it at night adds a whole new element to the fun!  You will be required to have a flashlight as you wander around in the dark listening to the corn rustling.  You never know what might be around a corner!  We are family friendly so we will not be "haunting" the maze.  Even so, it's a neat experience and teens and adults will love it!

Will you be open for Halloween?

We will be closed before Halloween, so no, we will not be open for Halloween or for any Halloween activities.

Are there bathrooms?

Not in the maze!  We will have portable restrooms with a handwashing station, hand sanitizer and wet wipes for your convenience on the property.  Make sure your children know this before they enter!

Anything else I need to know?

The maze paths may get muddy after rain so be prepared.  If you have any questions you can call our maze number at  218-469-3390 or check our Facebook page.  In the last three years we have only had a couple of really, really bad days and people still were brave and came out! Also, there is a small snack shop to buy soft drinks, water, candy, smores, flashlights, glow products, etc.